Our Orange County SEO Company Experts say, when ever someone hears the word SEO, their not sure of what you’re talking about. They think you’re talking about an CEO of a company or they really have no idea.

Orange County SEO Services – Search Engine Breakdown

Our Orange County SEO Company Experts will often tell you that Google and other search engines have a specific procedure they present to their users.  They present search results for users that’s actually are useful and relevant to the user.

Google uses something called “spiders.”  They’re used to seek out information, then they investigate and analyze each web page.  Spiders choose high quality ones that fit well with a search that’s being performed at that current moment.

Learn And Study SEO

Our Orange County SEO Company Experts say the reason to learn about SEO is to get the #1 spot on the results list of the search engine.

Two Factors To Consider:

  1. Excellent writing will have people thinking your content is valuable. In return this gives you some authority and popularity amongst other things.
  2. SEO can make more money, if done correctly. Even when you’re getting closer to the first page, you’ve got a better chance of people clicking on your link. For you this means more traffic, prospective clients, sales, subscribers, advertising, sponsors,in other words more money.

SEO’S Structure

Orange County SEO Company Orange County SEO Experts

Orange County SEO Services say, on page optimization is everything you can do ON your page or IN your article.  This is done in order to optimize and get those spiders to find and analyze your pages.  This is how you get the search engines to rank your article higher on the results list related to the keywords you used on your post.

Now, off page optimization is when there’s external factors that influence the positioning of your article.  This you’re gaining popularity within social networks, this depends on how much it’s shared or commented on.  Other sites that have links to your articles, can also take place.  There are many factors that develop throughout the article.