Orange County SEO Service Providers say, when tracking your email performance in Google Analytics, it’s important to also get email data into your Google Analytics.

Knowing how many people were on your site by clicking on a link in your newsletter tells you who you should target.  A piece of information is also sent so that Google Analytics is able to recognize traffic that is coming from your email campaign.

Orange County SEO Services – UTM

Orange County SEO Service Experts say, you should add UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags to your links in your newsletter that link to your site, so-called campaign tracking.

A link from your email newsletter may look something like this:


When searching through information about UTM tagging, you’ll find that everyone has different approach.

You should always tag your links.  Through your research you’ll find a way that will help your business to easily identifying links in Google Analytics.

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Orange County SEO Service Experts say, you should browse through your source/medium stats, be sure to also look at campaigns.  Ask yourself what kind of elements of links in your emails are shown in your reports.  Look at how you want to handle the following UTM tags:

  • utm_medium
  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign

If you’re planning to do a summer sale and you sent out additional emails to your customers.

A UTM tag link should be added to your email.  A particular UTM tag you don’t have to worry about is the utm_medium tag.  Be sure to always, email.

Google Likes

Orange County SEO Service Providers say Google Analytics organizes this traffic in the Channel email.  Definitely something you’d want if you’re going to work wilt Multi Channel Funnels. Then you should add the utm_source tag.

Certain experts recommend to use the Branded source.  A tag might look like, utm_source=mailchimp if your business uses MailChimp, or utm_source=helpscout if you’re using HelpScout for support emails.