Our Orange County SEO Service Providers say, mobile sites need different designs than a desktop version, in order to appeal to an audience.

Remember the screen is small. Google has explained that hamburger or accordion menu is perfect to use on your mobile sites.  These menus make sense, they help mobile users to browse through websites.  They end up putting the content behind a tab to make the users mobile experience better.

Writing For Mobile Friendliness

Our Orange County SEO Service Providers say, reading from a screen can be hard for many.  Reading from a mobile screen can be even harder than reading from a regular big screen.

In order to attract a mobile audience, you’ll have to have a mobile friendly copy.  Meaning, short sentences and short paragraphs.  You need to make sure your up font on your mobile site, be sure it is large and clear for readers.  Use enough white spaces, this helps for reading purposes.

Mobile Snippets

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Our Orange County SEO Service Providers say, because of today, your audience can mainly be mobile.  Your targeted audience may come from mobile search results.  Now, that doesn’t mean that most of your organic traffic come from the desktop SERPs.  Once you get Google Analytics, you’ll be able to get that breakdown.

Mobile First Indexing

Our Orange County SEO Service Providers say, mobile first index is being rolled out by Google. But, if your website has a considerable responsive design, your content is going to be similar on both the desktop and mobile versions.  If this is the case, mobile first indexing will have very little consequences when it comes to your ranking. Make sure you take some time to evaluate the mobile version for your website.

Look into its mobile parity, you can see if your desktop and mobile sites are equal.  Designs can always be improved  Certain aesthetics do play a big role on your site. Some buttons may have to be large enough to tap.

The important part is your content.  Be sure to make your text more readable for your mobile audience.  Having a great mobile experience is something you need to get started on. This helps to make a big difference in your rankings.