Most Orange County SEO Service Providers say, Google is rolling out mobile first indexing.  Some think this might have an effect on your ranking.


A majority of Orange County SEO Service Providers say, last March is when Google announced their move on mobile first indexing.  Google will now base how it places in the index based on the mobile version you have on your site.

Whereas before they used to index the desktop version.  A switch was made because more and more searches would come up from a mobile device.

Google decided to give those users a better experience.  They’ve decided to prioritize mobile results.  Be sure to know that the mobile first index is not a separate index, Google has one index from which it serves its results.

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A high percentage of Orange County SEO Service Providers state that more and more sites will have their mobile version indexed.  Now, that does not mean that anything big is happening.

More than likely your rankings will not be affected. Once Google indexes the mobile version of your site, a notification will be sent in your Google Search Console.  Google determines whether the content available on your mobile site is rankable.

This is done to both the desktop and mobile version.  For most WordPress sites will have minimal consequences.  Most WordPress sites do have a responsive design.  In both mobile and desktop displays show the same content.

Mobile Friendliness Test

Most Orange County SEO Service Providers say, you do necessarily have to have a mobile site to be in the mobile first indexing.  Google can index desktop sites too.

Though, this can be difficult if your site is not mobile friendly.  Be sure to look at Google’s mobile friendliness test and look into whether or not your site is mobile friendly.  This tends to be a minimum requirement.  If your site does not pass their test, you have a bad mobile version.