Our Orange County SEO Company will usually tell our clients that spammers use a method to hurt your search traffic by duplicating your content.  They’ll copy your content on other websites.

Orange County SEO Services – Copying Content

Additionally, our Orange County SEO Company will tend to tell our clients when someone copies your content it’s a violation of intellectual property rights laws.  Google will penalize sites that are using the same content on other sites.

Google prides themselves on delivering unique content to its users.  If every site was to have the same information, it would devalue the quality they’re trying to provide.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Orange County Orange County SEO Company

A handful of Orange County SEO Service Experts say, social media doesn’t affect the Google algorithm directly.  Although, a lot of indirect correlations are linked together.

Google will list social media profiles in the search engines’ rankings.  Because of this spammer start up fake social media accounts, they’ll use your name or company.  They’ll even grow the following for the fake account.

When spammers start up fake accounts they take up valuable search real estate.  This helps to discredit you.  Your audience is not sure whether the account is fake or the real thing.

Website Speed Is Important

Our Orange County SEO Experts say, a premium is placed on website speed when it comes to the Google algorithm.  Most competitors know this and take advantage. When a competitor is able to undermine your site and send thousands of bogus requests that eventually crash your website server.

This type of hack is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

The name DDoS comes from hackers that use different hosts to overwhelm the server.  An SEO survey showed that DDoS attacks increased by 91% in 2017.  This was because it was easy for hackers to use IoT devices to take down a website. With the spread of IoT, it meant that they had a variety of places where they could launch their attacks