Orange County SEO Service Experts say, negative SEO is a strategy for another sites to use on your site.  This can devalue your site rankings and traffic.

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Orange County SEO Companies say, negative SEO has an after effect for months on end.  You’ll end up going back and forth with Google for a while.

Although, building an effective SEO strategy does require a well rounded approach. It not only improves your rankings but protects them as well.

Negative SEO

Orange County SEO Services Providers will often tell you, negative SEO is used as a black hat strategy to lower another website’s rankings. They achieve this through dubious means.

At times when Google discovers this strategy, they boot sites off the search engine. Some negative SEO strategies like Distributed Denial of Service, those are illegal cyber attacks on a website that may include doing prison time.

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When businesses copy content or profiles, they could be considered a trademark or copyright violation.  You can end up in civil court.  They could be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998.

Stop Bad Linking

Orange County SEO Service Experts have stated that it’s challenging to falsify enough bad links to actually sink a website. This is why Google launched the Disavow Tool to ask website owners about poor links they may have on their website.

Unfortunately, you can purchase cheap website links to a website.  Google Penguin will update and specifically prohibit buying unnatural links.

Often links come from a number of secondary TLD’s like .ru, .cz, .cn, .pl, .ro, bg., .biz, com.ar, com.br, and .info.  Legit bought links do not come from .com and .net links.

Removing Good Links

A handful of Orange County SEO Service Experts say, there are spammers who contact website admins and ask a quality website to change or remove a link.  Although this is not always a scam, it does happen to sites in competitive fields where the competition wants to lower your ranking.

They follow through by removing your high quality links. In order to protect yourself, make sure you email any partners and other online affiliations you may have with an email that has your domain name.

Though they might be able to duplicate your logo, they can’t copy your email domain name unless they hack your email account.