Orange County SEO Services say, in the good old days of SEO, it was a lot easier to rank.

All you really needed for “valid SEO content” was certain percentage targeted keywords, and a few backlinks to targeted pages.

It was simple, and easy, and seemed to work in the long run.

Those days are over, and writing for SEO all you have to do is follow simple formulas.

There are few rules that help you to create content that works for the search engines and your customers.

Orange County SEO Services – Changing Perspectives

Orange County SEO Services say, when you have a great business that is up an running, you want to tell everyone about it.

The best way to do it is to change your perspective when writing for SEO.

You have to see things from the customers’ viewpoint.

More importantly, you have to write about things that appeal to their point of view.

It’s not just about showing your customers what your able to do, it’s about showing them what they’re able to get from you.

When using the word “get” in SEO, this simple word shifts the perspective for the customer.

This is when customers will value your business more.

Keywords vs. Topics

Orange County SEO Services say, at one point “keyword density” meant something for SEO content.

You could say this was considered the “key” to SEO success.

There had been a lot of focus on what keywords would were the most lucrative.

Everything was about how often they appeared on a page, to where they appeared on the page, and the exact words included when it was linked.

They’re not necessarily important, but they can make a difference.

They shouldn’t be a first priority.

Keywords today don’t mean the same thing as before.

They’re very important, but the formula hasn’t been clearly defined.

Today, the most effective use of keywords is to guide the topics you are writing about.