Orange County SEO Services say, time spent on a given page by a visitor has an impact on how it is going to rank in the search engines.

This means that a reader is likely to take the next step and become a paying customer.

When the strategy is done right it send this type of traffic to your page.

Orange County SEO Services – What They Are Reading

Orange County SEO Services say, lists, subheadings and bullet points have been the standard for some time, and today they’re still helpful.

But like today, there is more you can do to progress.

There are plenty of tactics you can use when writing.

You could use a lead in sentences or question that will keep someone reading.

They’re normally followed by a colon.

You can also ask questions like, Want to know the best part?

People have mixed feelings about writing in this manner.

Some feel like your being sold something.

Other don’t want to be sold on the internet, either.

Supplemental Content

Orange County SEO Services say, Google recognizes that by you providing content, they’re able to contribute to a good user experience by making it an integral part of a high quality page.

Google likes to rank quality pages.

What is meant by supplemental content?

Basically, this means that any feature that is designed to be user friendly.

They used so readers can find their way to other parts of your website.

They’ll be either directed to another blog, downloadable content, or any of your products.

This is more than just linking to other articles.

YouTube Guiding Principle

Orange County SEO Services say, all pages on that platform are of 90% supplemental content.

Users are relying on their platform to discover their next video, and it keep them on the site.

Allowing them to explore everything they chose.

Although like anything else, you have to be careful how it is used.

If you happen to add too much supplemental content, you’ll get pass right over from being useful to right in the middle of distracting.