Orange County SEO Services say, It seems logical to have your targeted keyword as the anchor text, especially when it comes to links to your site.

The plan here is to get your site to rank for that keyword or phrase.

Orange County SEO Services – Regulation On Links

Orange County SEO Services say, SEOers in the past who had the same logic would overuse match keyword anchor texts, this is why Google has changed their algorithm.

This type of practice got abused by “black hat” SEOers, they used an excessive amount of exact match keyword anchor texts to link back to their sites.

The links weren’t exactly from the most authoritative sites.

Google is constantly regulating this practice and punishes websites who overdo this type practice.

It’s not worth the risk.

There are more natural ways to link to your site, be sure to develop a more varied backlink portfolio.

Small SEO Changes To Your Website

Orange County SEO Services say, inside professionals recommend to update your content on your site.

This is actually what Google favors, fresh and updated content.

If you’re constantly changing the content and the look and feel of your site, even with little changes at a time, they don’t go unnoticed by your website visitors or Google.

Although, making too many changes to your website often raises red flags for Google.

Your webpage will likely be seen as suspicious and you could get penalized.  

Your site visitors will notice your changes immediately.

Constant changes make your site harder to navigate and search engines won’t find value in your website.

This can make your visitors start to think your site is suspicious.

Risk Reward Balance

Orange County Services say, SEO is essential for a business to be successful.

Do keep in mind that there are many risks to SEO.

Some risks are worth taking because they produce favorable results.

Although other risks will harm and hinder a company’s internet marketing strategy, especially their online presence.

Social media also has its own shared risks.

Before jumping into your next campaign, be sure to do your research.

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