Orange County SEO Services say, what you want is good backlinks on your website.

Though through your research you’ll find neutral backlinks available, they might not help, but they don’t hurt your ranking and SEO.

Orange County SEO Services – Staying Neutral

Orange County SEO Services say, neutral backlinks may not give you an SEO boost, but they don’t harm your site when it comes to Google’s harsh penalties.

In Google’s Penguin update, they added penalties to bad backlinks.

This was done because the search engine realized websites themselves don’t have control over every site that is linked to their site.

The update made it harder for a site to be punished by Google for having malicious backlinks.

Google The Regulator

Orange County SEO Services say, a way to see if backlinks on your website are bad, is if your site is spammy and of low quality.

This is when you’ll noticed that Google has taken manual action of your site.

When no action is taken against your website by Google, this means that the backlinks on your website are safe.

Although, if they’re not of high quality they more than likely won’t boost your site’s search rankings.

What you could do is to disavow certain links, but you have to be very careful about your next action.

When you attempt to disavow all your neutral links, you could risk a potential block of your sites.

This will definitely not help to improve your ranking.

Deleting Content – Deleting Entire Pages

Orange County SEO Services say, it seems like its not a big deal to delete a page from your site, especially when it’s a product or service your company doesn’t have available.

Once you deleted a page, the keywords it ranked for are now gone.

The same goes to the URL of the page.

Unfortunately this also includes those page specific keywords.

Don’t risk the loss of ranking, be sure to consider keeping the webpage even if the product or services is discontinued.

The best thing to do is to leave a message on the page for your visitors, this helps to redirect traffic to a similar page that has a relevant product or service.

Now, if you’re condensing merging two pages into one, be sure to include 301 redirects on your old URLs.

Do this to make sure all the link juice and traffic hasn’t been lost.

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