Orange County SEO Services say, normally your homepage URL should be short.

It should only include the company name, such as: www.company.com.

Orange County SEO Services -Think Smart Not Hard With URLs

Orange County SEO Services say, when coming up with a URL, it should be short, simple, concise.

These types of URLs are easy to remember.

Your subsequent pages, on the other hand, should include targeted keywords.

You have to be more specific about your content for your webpage.

What you don’t want is to let the URL get out of hand.

Thinking Of A Restructure

Orange County SEO Services say, URLs that are too long and descriptive will make the search engine will truncate what you’re trying to display.

When this happens, it may be time to alter some of your URLs.

It may be time to overhaul your site.

The possible risk here, would be if any kind of change done to your site will have and impact to your rankings.

In the process you’ll have to alter old URLs and 301 redirect traffic to your new ones.

When doing this you’ll see some dips in traffic and rankings.

But, when done right, you’ll end up with a streamlined structure.

This is a lot more appealing to both search engines and internet users.

Overhauling Your Business Website

Orange County SEO Services say, websites need to get updated and redesigned.

This is just part of the game.

Website redesigns though, can be risky and expensive.

They’re also very time consuming.

When the time comes, your website may need a new facelift.

Even websites get outdated.

At times it could just be an optimization issue.

There are a few reasons to take into consideration.

You may have to look thoroughly into your website, or maybe you’re considering reconstructing from the ground up.

Risk Or No Reward

Orange County SEO Services say, just like changing the URL structure, making changes comes with a risk.

When doing this Google tries to re evaluate your site.

They may see it as a risk of alienating customers who grew accustomed to your website.

Google though, understands that every website may go through an overhaul every now and again.

In the meantime, your rankings will bounce right back.

Patience is a virtue.

Your customers will have to understand that businesses go through changes, even online.

Be sure to update your website, you’ll have a better chance of bringing more new clients.

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