Orange County SEO Services say, to make a recipe site, you have to use structured data to mark up recipes to highlight your search results.

It takes time, and a lot of effort to put together a good strategy.

Orange County SEO Services – Game Changer

Orange County SEO Services say, Google has recently made a few changes that might make your implementation incomplete.

They expanded the possibilities of a structure for data recipes, they made them so they could bring guidance.

A bit of order added as well.

Google Home is able to read your structured data powered recipes when said out loud.

Structuring Data And Recipes

Orange County SEO Services say, Google is getting better on voice search.

Although voice search is still young, they’re moving towards a future where we rely less on looking at a screen.

You can talk to your digital assistant and it makes more sense than typing commands.

Since everyone is always on the go, this feature helps.

AI in digital assistants is becoming more adaptable.

They’ll become smarter and more apt at entering into natural dialogue.

Experts say they’ll eventually have a real natural language interface.


Orange County SEO Services say, at the Google Duplex demo, they showed a digital assistant calling a hairdresser to make an appointment.

Joost was able to write a post about Google Duplex and its ethics and implications.

AI is becoming smarter at every innovation, we should take note.

In order to get voice search and actions to work, Google has to rely on structured data.

They make sure structured data makes it clear to all the different parts of a page.

Setting New Rules

Orange County SEO Services say, Google had recently announced a new and improved way to target searches for recipes.

They’ve been adding the correct structured data.

Today you’re able to get your recipes read out load.

Although, when throwing random recipes, some of the largest recipe sites in the world use a Structured Data Testing Tool.

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