Orange County SEO Services say, depending on the size of your business, you could have meetings with a variety of people.

Everyone from the IT department, marketing department and the executive office will want to know what’s going on.

Orange County SEO Services – Department Breakdown

Orange County SEO Services say, the IT department likes to know the technical details when it comes to any fixes or bugs that need to be worked on.

When it comes to the marketing department, they’re more interested in how SEO is attracting the right audience for your business.

The executive leadership likely care less about SEO, as long as the company’s bottom line is met.

For higher support and buy in of your SEO plan, you have to know your audience.

This way, you can show your presentation in a way that they can understand.


Orange County SEO Services say, meetings with IT personnel entail how certain technical implementations need to be made for the website to be more mobile friendly.

Meetings with leadership involve discussions about time and resources being used for SEO.

These meeting show opportunities that will later open up, and show potential ROI that results with successful planning.

Documenting Your Efforts

Orange County SEO Services say, when you get questions about SEO, those who are interested may give you blank stares and sarcastic remarks.

In a sense, they first have to take your word over anyone else because, that is why they called or reached out to you.

At times they may think that you’re taking advantage of them somehow.

That is why you should document and back up your SEO strategy.

That means all of your reports, and your claims of success.

SEO experts focus on particular metrics that are mostly beneficial and interesting to your targeted audience.

Keep every explanation simple and limit yourself from using a lot of SEO terminology.