Orange County SEO Services say, ranking your homepage can seem frustrating.

Sometimes Google doesn’t consider your content to be appropriate for their search engine results.

Orange County SEO Services – Homepage

Orange County SEO Services say, just when you least expect it, Google will rank your homepage.

This happens when all of your content gets reviewed and approved by Google.

Getting ranked on the first page will take time because of the content you have to produce.

You have to do your research to get results that Google will recognize.

Website Aesthetic For Ranking Doesn’t Matter

Orange County SEO Services say, having a well designed and modern website can cost a pretty penny.

Everything can look great on your site, but Google doesn’t rank pretty pages.

You could have a great design but what matters is your content.

What To Avoid:
  • Old, untouched, stale content
  • Duplicate content
  • Insufficient content
  • Confusing navigation
  • Split keyword focus
  • Incomplete basics
  • No blog or other way to continually refresh your content

Going Unnoticed

Orange County SEO Services say, links go hand in hand when ranking.

Although, not all of them are worth having.

It’s good to have a portfolio of links from various sources.

Don’t buy links, sometimes they don’t pan out.

Link schemes is something you shouldn’t look into.

Finding natural ways to increase good links is the best way to avoid getting flagged by Google.

Wrong Part Of The Web

Orange County SEO Services say, sometimes people use unethical tactics on your site.

When this happens, it’s just bad luck.

They might of chosen your website as a target to insert malicious codes.

Or, your blogs are being republished with all your content.

Sometimes they start building countless links from your site and other questionable websites.

Google can spot negative SEO attacks.