Orange County SEO Services say, common practice is that blog posts shouldn’t only contain text.

You have to include images that help explain what you are writing about.

Search engines don’t necessarily just look for images.

They look for images with alt text.

This is because search engines won’t see images the same way the eye can.

An image alt text explains to them what an image is about.

This is what helps those images be found when someone is searching for that type of image.

Orange County SEO Services – Alt Text Breakdown

Orange County SEO Services say, Alt text makes for a better user experience as well.

It displays inside the image container when an image isn’t found or displayed.

It helps to improve accessibility for people with poor vision who use screen readers.

Alt text is an attribute that is added to an image tag in HTML.

HTML Description

Orange County SEO Services say, What a complete image tag could look like is:

<img class=”wt-blog__normal-image” src=”image.jpg” alt=”image-description” title=”image tooltip”>

When you add keywords in your alt text, it may seem minor to the standard person not familiar with HTML.

They think it won’t impact their search rankings as much as taking care of other things on this list.

In the long run, you’ll see that it’s worth the extra minute.

Similar Topic Tags

Orange County SEO Services say, adding to the alt text can change the name of an image from (i.e.”IMG23940)” to something more accurate and descriptive, like “ducks-swimming-in-pond:”

When adding a topic tag, it helps to organize the blog content.

Although, you don’t want to overuse them.

At times they do more harm than good to your blog.

When there’s similar tags, you get penalized by search engines for duplicate content.

If you create a topic tag, it creates a new site page where the content appears.

Using too many similar tags for the same content, appears to search engines that you’re showing the content multiple times on your website.